Dan's Study Abroad Site

Last updated 27.5.2006

Welcome to my study abroad website. New stuff looks like this. I just posted what I think will be my final email on the website, and all my pictures from the year are up here too (maybe a few more on my camera to look at, but that is it).

If you have any questions or comments or just want to keep in contact, email me here. Enjoy the site.

Note: This site has been mostly preserved from its state at the end of my study abroad year. Some of the links have been updated so they are no longer dead links to my old ND webspace, although the email links have not. The text and images are all as they were in May of 2006. Enjoy!



  1. 1st- Hello From Dublin- 11.9.05
  2. 2nd- All Settled In and a Trip to the West- 30.9.05
  3. 3rd- London, "The Game", and the week before- 19.10.05
  4. 4th- A weekend in Paris- 25.10.05
  5. 5th- Short trips and Northern Ireland- 2.11.05
  6. 6th- Maybe I should talk about class...- 17.11.05
  7. 7th- Thanksgiving and 'stuff'- 4.12.05
  8. 8th- Christmas break begins...Skiing in Kirchberg- 10.1.06
  9. 9th- The Austrian Tour- 12.1.06
  10. 10th- Regensburg and the first days in Munich- 14.1.06
  11. 11th- Munich, Dachau, and ski-jumping- 16.1.06
  12. 12th- Small towns and back to Dublin- 18.1.06
  13. 13th- Starting a new semester- 13.2.06
  14. 14th- February Happenings- 27.2.06
  15. 15th- Haven't I been here before?- 13.3.06
  16. 16th- St. Patrick's Week- 3.4.06
  17. 17th- Rome and the Vatican- 7.4.06
  18. 18th- Assisi, Florence, and the canals of Venice- 9.4.06
  19. 19th- Verona, Nice, and Marseille- 16.4.06
  20. 20th- A little late with this one...Belgium- 29.4.06
  21. 21st- Amsterdam & The Netherlands- 1.5.06
  22. 22nd- Has it really been 8 months?- 6.5.06
  23. 23rd- España y Portugal- 26.5.06